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Adaptive Human Design System

human design system Welcome, youíve just found the most powerful personal growth and human understanding system available!

The Human Design System is the ownerís manual youíve been waiting for.

If you can understand yourself you are one giant step closer to understanding everybody else.

Once you understand yourself and other people life really does get a whole lot easier.

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So many of our problems with the world, with other people, even with work are simply the result of not understanding ourselves and/or others. The Human Design System is going to make some dramatic changes in this area for you.

Whatís amazing is that the all of the knowledge you need to understand yourself and other people has been around for centuries.
The Human Design System is making it available to everybody right now.

Look around at your world and youíll see that there are really a lot of happy, successful people who obviously understand whatís going on. They enjoy their marriages, their kids, their jobs, and they have the lives they want. They managed without the Human Design System. Or did they?

Somehow, somewhere along the way they learned some information that is critical to succeeding in life. First they learned what makes them tick and second they learned what makes others tick. Most of them probably learned it in the families in which they grew up. Thatís the easiest way to learn it. They're living their design.

But, if you didnít learn this critical knowledge from your family itís tough to find it, because society, in general, has no reason to teach you. You donít learn it in school or in church or from your friends or at work because they all have their own program and what they really want is for you to get with that program. They want you to be doing what works for them. They arenít really interested in what works for you. Except in whatever minimal way thatís required to keep you going along with their program.

How does that work for YOU? Is that what you want out of life? To go along with other peopleís programs? Or would you rather have the freedom to make your own decisions with the confidence that the decisions you are making are the ones that will be best for you?

Freedom and self confidence are your birthright. The Human Design System restores them.

Itís true, they are but until you understand how to use them, those gifts are of no value. What is the one thing you can be absolutely certain you will always have? Yourself. You just canít get away from yourself. No matter where you go, there you are. So you simply must understand yourself and your design.

human design system chartSure you can be distracted by shopping, playing, watching TV and all kinds of activities but for so many people, at the end of all that thereís the wrenching realization that lifeís just not quite right for them. They donít know whatís wrong they just know somethingís not right. Do you have the sense that youíre missing something? So many people have this vague sense that there could be, should be something more.

Well, theyíre right, there is something more. There is a way of being in this world where you have access to your core. The very essence of you is available to you and when you get in touch with your essence you begin to live out that essence Ė the truth of yourself. No more living out the agendas and trips of your parents or your siblings, your boss or your friends. Freedom. The Human Design System is the way to that core.

But just knowing youíre free isnít useful, at least not in any practical way. Free to do what? You have to learn what your freedom is. You see, once you are free in yourself and that freedom is based on the truth of yourself, then you have an overwhelming self confidence that will propel you toward the life that you yearn for deep inside. Youíll quit trying to live the life that others describe and youíll focus on living your own true and unique life. And when you do that life is rewarding, enriching and empowering. Your blueprint, your Human Design, your life, your rewards.

And, once you discover yourself and understand what makes you tick you can look at others and discover what makes them tick. Once you understand yourself itís so much easier to understand others, because thereís no longer any threat from them.

Discover the Truth of Yourself through the Human Design System

Until I discovered the truth of myself I couldnít see anybody elseís truth. I was too worried to see anyone else clearly because I didnít know what I was supposed to do. I didnít know what life was for me. Often I saw people only in terms of what they could do to me or for me. Would they hurt me? Would they leave me? Would they like me? What did they want from me? Would I be able to satisfy them? What if I failed? What did they think of me? Was I good enough for them? Would they make me happy? Solve my problems? Help me? So many unpleasant questions and worries, simply because I didnít understand myself. I was blind to my own Human Design - even though it was me!

Once I learned who I was I realized that I could then look at others with clear eyes. I had no more worries about myself or them. I could look at them and see their strengths and weaknesses without being judgmental. Life became a revelation of beauty and understanding. Their Human Design began to unfold right in front ot me. Suddenly I had tools and knowledge to understand them.

Interacting with other people when you are able to decipher the subtle cues in their words and behavior is one of lifeís most rewarding experiences. Being able to see clearly the dynamics of what is going on between you and someone else enriches your own life immeasurably. And, itís easy to be confident in dealing with others when you truly understand them.

Basic Human Behaviors in our Human Design

There are some very basic human behaviors that are the product of our biological and cultural evolution, and the foundation of each of these behaviors is genetic. There are plenty of individual twists and variations, but once you understand the mechanics of about 50 or so major behaviors the truth of your world stands out very clearly. This is the foundation of the Human Desigh system.

These are behaviors that are critical to the survival of the human species. They ensure that we can survive as individuals, get along with each other well enough to reproduce, and have satisfying lives. They donít have anything to do with law or religion or "normal" or anything of that sort. These are deeply embedded, profoundly driving human dramas that we are all living out. That's why the Human Design System makes no judgements. The information is genetic in its origin and it works well for the species.

Now look, as I said before, there are some people who already understand this stuff without having to "learn" it. But lots of us just donít understand until we understand. We have to learn it in order to know that we know it. Why? Because thatís how we are. That's part of our Human Design.

OK, if you want to be free and confident and successful
AND you are one of those who has to learn it then thereís no point fighting it.

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