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Children and the Human Design System
Published in Adaptive Human Design 4/29/07

Our kids arenít just like us
Being a parent is challenging. All of us want whatís best for our kids, but usually we decide "whatís best for them" based upon on our own existence and experience. Well of course we do because what else do we have. Until Human Design that was all we had. We learned a religion and either followed it or rejected it and passed that on to our kids in belief that our decision for ourselves was right for them. That would be fine if our kids were just like us and were going to have experiences that were just like ours. But thatís not the way things are.

Being able to know your own childís design is a unique opportunity. It allows you to interact with your children in a way that really enhances their strengths and strengthens their weaknesses. Human Design enables you to understand behaviors that might otherwise be unfamiliar to you. So much of what you do is going to be absorbed by your children, is going to become a part of them, so itís a wondrous thing to be able to also do and say what will help them become them.

Genetic Strategies
When you really understand another personís genetic behavioral strategies you can then provide them with opportunities that make sense to them. If, for example, you know that your child is wired to be particularly alert to sounds then you know that when you are educating her you need to emphasize the verbal rather than the visual.

If you know that your child lives in an emotional wave then you can help him to understand how time is his ally. You can help him to avoid making hasty decisions. That will make sense to an emotionally defined child.

Understanding is the True Gift of Love
My own son is extensively wired as an individual Ė not as a tribal or collective person. Knowing this Iím able to easily accept that he tends to do things in his own way. Iím also able to make a point of explaining to him about tribal and collective behaviors Ė about which he innately knows nothing.

There is no greater gift of love you can give your children than to truly understand them. To really know who they are. When you truly know them you can empower them to be what they are best at being Ė themselves.

Some children, including the Indigo Children, are in a very special category. Every generation brings new abilities and new ways, but the Indigo children are much different than that. If you are a parent of Indigo Child, a Human Design reading will be of extraordinary benefit to you and your children.

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