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Human Design and The Various Realities
Published in 5/29/07

The world and life arenít all that neat and tidy. We just go to extreme lengths to make them appear that way in order to give us a sense of security. That sense of security is often shaken and weíre left wondering "Hey! What the heck just happened?" Let me explain a little.

Do you know what the The 3 BIG Realties are?

We all use the word reality as though it had one common meaning that we could all agree on. Sometimes maybe we agree but often we donít. There are 3 really big and very important realities that we all have to deal with one way or another.

1. The world out there. This reality is pretty obvious to some of us but less clear to others. This is the world of hurricanes and muggings and train wrecks. The world of all the unpredictable disasters as well as all of the unexpected good surprises. Finding the 20 dollar bill, going to a movie and meeting your future spouse. We have almost no control over this world at all. We canít do anything to completely protect ourselves from a drunken driver or a suicide bomber or cancer or whatever.

2. The personal world. This reality is also pretty obvious to most of us (though some of us seem oblivious). This is the everyday just doiní your own thing reality. Right now youíre reading this article. You know youíre reading and you might even be aware of your reaction to what youíre reading. This reality is one over which you exercise (well to be more precise, one over which you <i>can</i> exercise considerable control. You could decide to stop reading this right now for example. Or could you?

3. The Genetic Master This reality is hidden from most of us, yet most of us are living out multiple genetic programs. These programs determine much of what we do, what we like, what we donít like, what we believe, what we want, and a host of other things. When scientists initially began studying DNA they were looking primarily at specific physical attributes as being genetic. Itís only fairly recently that science has come to recognize that not just physical characteristics but complex behaviors are entirely genetic.

OK, I hear you say, so what? Well, the really big question for all of us whether we know it or not is "Whoís running the show?" What you need to understand is that the genetic programs arenít really serving you. Theyíre serving the species as a whole so you (as a being in reality 2 above) donít have much significance for them. Theyíre doing their own thing and most of the time theyíre dragging you along whether you like it or not.

Now really, in many ways thatís just fine because quite often your program of wants, needs and desires coincides with the genetic programís. But often they donít coincide. Sometimes we see in other people this really big disconnect between the person and their world (between reality 1 and reality 2). Some guy really thinks that whistling at that beautiful woman is going to work. His genetic code (reality 3) compels him to do it. Does it work? Maybe. Or maybe everybody looks at him and just thinks "what an idiot."

As individuals we run into a lot of conflict because we live in a very complex society that has a lot of rules and quite often those rules arenít in keeping with what our genetic program is telling us. The program says "Go ahead and hit the creep." The rules say "You better not".

All of this is pretty much OK. Most of us learn to curb some of our impulsive behaviors well enough to get along. some of us have a harder time learning it and so we have prisons.

Whatís important in all of this is the knowledge that the genetic programs are part of us because they work <I>really well</i> for the species. The challenge for the individual is to understand your own genetic programs well enough to be able to consciously use them to advantage yourself. The obstacle is all the stuff we learn to do and not do.

Up until recently we didnít really have any way to discover which of the thousands of genetic programs were dominant in our own lives. The Human Design system has changed that. It is now possible to discover exactly what genetic programs are compelling you to act.

Take advantage of this powerful system now.

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