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I'm sorry but the demand for free charts has grown so great that I simply don't have the time to satisfy all the requests. If you want your chart and are serious about your interest in Human Design I will create one for you, but In order to weed out the frivolous requests just because it's free

These charts now cost a nominal fee of $5 US.

Basic truths about yourself
You can get your picture, this bodygraph of yourself. All it takes is your birth data - your exact time and place of birth. Everything about you will be in this picture, all of your genetically coded behavior both conscious and unconscious. A person who knows Human Design could speak for a week about what is contained in this one picture, and yet it will take only a few short sentences to give you essential knowledge about your type and your strategy.

To order your chart now, simply Click here. The Human Design System bodygraph gives you a clear "map", a scientifically calculated chart, that is specific to you. It reveals what you need to respect in yourself to feel complete in life. Each of us has personal strategies encoded in our genes, and when we follow them we develop confidence and trust in our own capacity to make the right decisions for ourselves.

The chart is the key to everything, and this key is accessible to you right now simply by ordering your own unique, Human Design chart. What you will receive is similar to the chart example below. Do you want to see your Human Design chart? It can be emailed to you within 2 days.

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Below is a sample of a chart

To order your free chart now, simply Click here.
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Kip Winsett Licensed Human Design Analyst

To order a reading click here or call USA 760 480 1316 or email: kipwin@cox.net