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About HDS

The Overview provides a general description of how Human Design is valuable to us.
The Human Design System is a relatively new, unique and powerful system of knowledge. For the first time, the modern science of genetics combines with ancient, mystical wisdom to provide a structure for understanding human life. We can each, for the first time, discover very specific knowledge about our selves, our health, our psychology, our talents and vulnerabilities. Because of the knowledge it offers, it can be tested in a very practical fashion. Those who experiment with it soon find that the nagging doubts of years are replaced with a profound self confidence rooted in true self understanding and self acceptance. With this confidence comes peace of mind, clarity of action and a sense of purpose and meaning. As we each come to understand the truth of our own life, it takes on a beauty and a mystery that brings us deep pleasure. Read more

A Brief History provides background on Ra Ur Hu, who brought HD into this world.
The Human Design System was given form by Ra Uru Hu. Born Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada April 9, 1948, the son of wealthy parents, he received a good education and went on to work as an entrepreneur, a magazine publisher, an advertising executive and media producer. He disappeared in 1983 and re-emerged as Ra on the Island of Ibiza. Read more

The Mechanics is an excellent resource for understanding the basic tenets of Human Design.
This section describes some of the basic mechanics of Human Design including how the chart is constructed based on birth information. It is similar to Astrology in its general approach in that the position of planets is a determining factor. Howevr there are very significant differences, Read more


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Kip Winsett Licensed Human Design Analyst

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