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Here is your opportunity to find out who you are and why you are here. Concrete knowledge about yourself is the most important investment you will ever make. Truly knowing yourself will greatly expand your options in life and enable you to live the life that is right for you. You can take charge of your own life simply by responding to this invitation.

Take advantage of this opportunity now!

To give everybody the opportunity to begin exploring their own Human Design, various levels of readings are available:

1. Introductory - This provides your chart, your bodygraph and a general overview of how the they are constructed using planetary positions, the I Ching "hexagram gates", and the difference between conscious and unconscious activations. It will also provide information about your own unique and personal design, with a brief description of your Profile, Type, and Authority, basic information on your defined and undefined centers and any activated channels in your chart. This is an excellent beginning to becoming familiar with the basics of your design and is affordably priced at $29.95. This is similar to my own "first reading", which really opened my eyes to some important self knoweldge.

2. Deep Explore - explanation of your Type, Strategy, Profile and Definition. It includes an explanation of all of your defined and undefined centers, each of your defined channels, every gate in your chart, and every line in your chart. This information covers both conscious and unconscious behaviors. The reading includes the image of your personal bodygraph, an explanation of what the various components are and how all of the calculations are made and how the information about you is derived. This is an extraordinary amount of information. Regular price $95. Now on sale for $69.95. This is easily the equivalent of a 1 hour reading by many licensed analysts and is an incredible value.

3. Full Reading - This is a personal 90 minute in-depth reading. In addition to everything that the Deep Explore reading provides, this fully integrated reading includes information on your Incarnation Cross, and integrates the separate elements to provide you with an understanding of how they are all working together in "genetic continuity" to make you "Perfectly Designed". You may choose to have this reading done in person in Escondido, Ca, or by telephone, sent as a tape or sent via email as an attached document, or sent by regular mail as a printed document. I am currently offering these full personal readings for $180. No matter what method you choose you will receive both a tape and a typed reading. Each will be a little different.

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Kip Winsett Licensed Human Design Analyst

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