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Letís start with the chart itself. A Human Design chart starts out like the image below.

When an analyst receives your birth information (Place, date and time of birth) the information is used to fill in the chart.

To create the chart we calculate the angles of the planets at two points in time: at birth and at just under three months before birth. For both calculations, each planetís angles correlates to a number between 1 and 64. These numbers represent two things:

  1. The hexagrams of the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, in which there are 64 hexagrams and 6 lines in each hexagram. This gives us the psychological insight into who you are.
  2. The human genetic code, which is made up of 64 genetic codons that revolve around 6 amino acids. The chart is a genetic blueprint of who you are.

Looking at the chart, you can see these two calculations on either side of the page. One calculation shows the planets and gates in red, the other calculation shows them in black.

The Planets

The glyphs on each side of the page represent the various planets: The circle with a dot in it is the sun; the circle with a cross in it is the earth; the sickle shape is the moon. The next two are what we call the nodes of the moon. They relate very much to your destiny in this lifetime, starting out the first part of one's life in the south node phase and then in the latter part of one's life moving into the north node phase. The next 8 glyphs are symbols for the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Personality - Conscious

The list of planets in black on the right hand side relates to your birth information calculation and this is your personality information. Your personality is what you get to play with in this lifetime and what you can see about yourself. It is conscious information for you. This is how you would most likely describe yourself.

Design - Unconscious

The second calculation, on the left side, is in red. It is calculated exactly 88 degrees from the sun before you were born; which is about three months. You were still inside your mothers womb with no direct access to the outside world. It is the moment that the neocortex is ready and Ďturns oní. The neocortex takes in a burst of information at that time and gains access to your genetic inheritance. The Sun and Earth gates hold information from your father and mother. The other planets hold information from grandparents, great-grandparents - everything that you inherited genetically. We call this information design information. This is your unconscious, your innocent nature if you will.


Each of the 64 hexagrams appears as a "gate" in the bodygraph. The two columns of information from the planets is transposed over to the corresponding gate in the body graph and is colored in as red or black according to which side it came from. The bodygraph has nine energy centers relating to various organs within the body. The centers are connected to each other by channels. The gates are located at either end of a channel.

For each gate that is defined by a planet (appears beside a planetary glyph) we color only halfway across the channel. So, in our example we see that the Sun has hexagram 60 in red so we find gate 60 in red and color half way across the channel. We repeat this for all of the conscious (black) and unconscious (red)

If it happens that the planetary glyphs include both gates on each end of a channel, the result is that the whole channel is colored in. It may happen that a channel is colored in entirely in black because the 2 gates appear only in the column of black numbers. Or a channel may be colored in entirely in red because the 2 gates appear only in the column of red numbers. It may happen that a channel is colored half in black and half in red ( - as in the 3-60 near the bottom of our example chart below) because one of the gates appears in the red column and the other in the black column. If you see a section that is colored in red and black checks that is because that gate appears in both columns.

When a whole channel is colored in, we color in the centers on either end. This shows that this channel and everything to do with these centers that are colored in is turned on and running, available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout your whole lifetime.

The example below shows a completed chart.

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