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To order a reading please fill in this form and click on the send button. In order to ensure that the chart and reading you receive accurately reflects you, please be sure to fill in the information correctly. For the date of birth, please spell the month (e.g. Nov 10, 1954). For the time of birth please be sure to include AM or PM. Also be sure you enter your email address. If you are ordering a Full Personal Reading I will contact you to arrange a time and method that suits your needs.

If you are ordering the free chart I will email it to you as soon as I can - usually the same day. If you are ordering the Introductory ($25) or Deep Explore (Sale Price $69.95) readings, when I receive your order I will prepeare the reading (within 2 days). I will then email you a notice that your reading is ready. In that email there will be a link to PayPal so you can easily pay for the reading. You don't have to be a member of PayPal to use this service. When you make your payment to PayPal, they will notify me and I will email the reading to you.

If you need to make different payment arrangements, that's fine too, just email me kipwin@cox.net

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Kip Winsett Licensed Human Design Analyst

To order a reading click here or call USA 760 480 1316 or email: kipwin@cox.net