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About HDS Overview

The Overview provides a general description of how Human Design is valuable to us.
The Human Design System is a relatively new, unique and powerful system of knowledge. For the first time, the modern science of genetics combines with ancient, mystical wisdom to provide a structure for understanding human life. We can each, for the first time, discover very specific knowledge about our selves, our health, our psychology, our talents and vulnerabilities. Because of the knowledge it offers, it can be tested in a very practical fashion. Those who experiment with it soon find that the nagging doubts of years are replaced with a profound self confidence rooted in true self understanding and self acceptance. With this confidence comes peace of mind, clarity of action and a sense of purpose and meaning. As we each come to understand the truth of our own life, it takes on a beauty and a mystery that brings us deep pleasure.

The system has gained incredible momentum since the turn of the millenium and reached critical mass in 2005. There are now thousands of analysts, teachers, and students across the world. And it is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2002 there were only a handful of sites on the internet about Human Design - today there are over twenty thousand.

Why this incredible growth? Because a Human Design reading is absolutely essential to understanding yourself in the more complex world of the 21st century. There's absolutely no question that the world is much more complicated and complex than it was 10 years ago. And it's growing more complex with every passing year. In the past people could take five, ten, even twenty years to explore themselves, to discover their own unique powers. In today's competitive environment those who are armed with deep self knowledge and who have the power of being their true self have a tremendous advantage over those who don't.

Science is beginning to unravel the secrets of our genetic code, but it currently falls far short of the mark simply because it is looking only at the generic structure that applies to all of us. The genetic code of chimpanzees is 99% the same as our own. But what a difference that little 1% makes!! So with us as individuals, we are mostly alike in a genetic sense, but the tiny differences are immense when we observe how different people are in so many ways. The information given in a Human Design System body graph and reading is specific to the individual. It details how you are genetically hardwired in your thinking, your emotions, your heart, and your intuition, and what rhythms and patterns govern your movement through life.

With Human Design you will discover the specific strategies that nature has given you to lead a full and rewarding life. You will discover why other people are in your life, how youíve learned to behave in a way that is not you and you will discover an incredible freedom to make new choices about what you do Ė choices that will be satisfying. The most profound insight of Human design is that itís not about changing who you are, itís simply about recognizing who youíve always been. This recognition frees you from doubt, from guilt and from indecision.

Our lives are so busy and we rush from situation to situation, often making choices out of guilt or because we donít know how to say no. Our health suffers from stress that is all too often imposed by others. We feel inadequate, afraid, uncertain, angry and frustrated. This NOT what life is about.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to have beauty in it. It is a priceless journey, an adventure of becoming and expanding. No matter how busy we are there is room for that. We just need to let go of the anxiety and stress that comes from the confusion about who we are. When we feel comfortable and relaxed with ourselves we have so much more tome and energy to enjoy life.

Such a transformation is just what Human Design offers. Itís not a band-aid, a pill, a way of covering up symptoms, or a even a prescription. It is health in the most basic way possible. It gives you information about your genetic makeup both at the conscious and unconscious levels so that you regain trust in yourself. This trust enables you to make decisions that will work best for you so that you will act in the right way an at the right time.

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Kip Winsett Licensed Human Design Analyst

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