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f you think about it, for the species as a whole, itís very important to ensure that humans are able to learn the necessary behaviors Ė this helps to ensure that our ability to learn critical behaviors is passed on every generation. The ability of humans to learn critical behaviors from others is one of the single most important aspects of being human.

All of us are living out specific, hardwired, genetically inherited behaviors, AND we are living out specific learned behaviors. Some of us are even coming up with odd mutations on behaviors. Weíre living these behaviors out for the benefit of the human species and the way that really works is that if you are doing your purpose then you will feel satisfied. Thatís simple evolutionary fact. It makes no sense to design an organism that will feel bad when it does what it should.

You can haggle and complain and procrastinate but if you arenít one of those who already know how do it then itís best just to get on with your genetic job and learn what you need to learn about yourself and others. I say this because I know from personal experience that itís true.

How do you know if you are one of those who need to learn it? Thatís very simple, you simply arenít going to feel altogether comfortable with yourself until you do this. The chances are very high that if you are reading this then you found this information because you need it. You attracted it to yourself. I didnít come knocking on your door, didnít call you on the phone or send you unsolicited email. If youíre reading this itís because you went looking for something to help yourself. If youíve tried various other programs and systems and still experience some sense of lack then itís pretty certain that Human Design is what you need.

So many people are living in a nearly constant state of
anger, frustration, bitterness, or disappointment

None of us are going through life sprinkled with a magic dust that keeps us forever happy. Life hands us all disappointments and challenges, but we are, nearly all of us, capable of living lives that are characterized by satisfaction, fulfillment, confidence and pleasure.

You come wired with a perfect decision making system. Everybody does. If youíre not happy with the results of your decisions then you donít understand your decision making system. Maybe you need to learn what it is. You are wired to know how to do everything you need to do to have a satisfying life. If you are here, reading this, then all you lack is the knowledge that will empower you to trust your own wiring. That trust comes when you understand yourself.

When we donít follow this built-in navigation the world responds in a way that is unpleasant for us and we have no idea what the problem is. Stress, anxiety, nervousness can eat away at us and we donít know why. We try to do things and the world gets in the way or nothing turns out the way we expect. Of course we wind up angry, frustrated, bitter or disappointed.

But it doesnít have to be that way.

So how do you gain this knowledge?

In the past, people would often spend decades, perhaps a lifetime, learning to know themselves. But today itís much easier and a heck of a lot faster.

One of the reasons it took so long in the past was because of the lack of a single, compact, detailed source of human behaviors. People had to read volumes of philosophy, psychology, literature, religion, etc. They had to wade through lengthy explanations that were, for the most part, written for limited, scholarly audiences. We live in a different world today. All of you over the age of thirty know that the world has changed substantially in the past twenty years. Personal computers, the internet, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, Plasma screen TVs, are just a few of the obvious changes.

Great strides have been made in understanding humans as well. Anthropology, neurology, and genetics have all seen immense changes during the past twenty years. Many of the techniques of the East such as meditation have found a home in the West where they have been supercharged.

There has been a vast proliferation of self-help books the past twenty years, but they all share the same major problem. The answer that any one of them gives only applies to some number of people.

For example, in the past people were told to ignore their emotions. More recently people have been taught to pay attention to them. People have been taught that "hunches" and intuition and instinct arenít reliable, yet more recently they are taught that they are. Listen to your gut we are told. Follow your heart. Well, the reality is that some of us should do exactly what the books tell us Ė but not all of us. If you read one of these books and you donít happen to be one of the people for whom it works you wind up feeling even worse because the authors all promise that their method works Ė and they are really persuasive about that. So, if it doesnít work for me than there must be something wrong with me.

Now donít get me wrong theyíre not intentionally deceiving anyone. Their method works for them and for many others but because it is a method that is narrow in focus (go with your feelings) it simply canít work for all of us. Why? Because there are some very basic differences between people. Not between each of us but between large numbers. There are millions of people who are in this world with the genetic wiring for a constant emotional state of being and there are millions who arenít. If you arenít wired with that and you try to go with your feelings then much of the time you'll simply wind up going with somebody elseís feelings. Of course things arenít likely to work out well for you.

What each and every one of us has to do is to discover which strategy we came with. Thatís the one weíre supposed to follow. Some of us are supposed to learn things by trial and error, some of us are alert to opportunities (those who arenít call those who are "opportunists" as though it were bad). Some of us are competitive some of us arenít. The single biggest mistake that people make is in following a behavior that they have learned which is interrupting their own genetically wired behavior. Maybe you can trust your feeling or maybe you can follow your instincts Ė but if you should be following your feelings and instead you are following your instincts you are in for a very hard time of it.

Human Design offers you the chance to discover what strategies you personally are wired with, and which ones you get to learn about. This sounds like such a small thing but once you have that knowledge you are liberated from a life lived in darkness.

Technology and change

When new technology first emerges it is very pricey. Computers, giant screen TVs, cell phones, are all much less expensive than they were when they first came out. Not only are they less expensive but they are also better. In the recent past getting any kind of a Human Design reading from a qualified, experienced analyst would cost $150 to $800. And worth every penny of it too.

Human Design is now benefiting from technology and from the general tendency of prices to drop. I recently made Deep Explore Readings available for the low price of $100. Now, for a limited time I am offering the Deep Explore Readings for the unbelievably low price of $69.95. Even at the normal price of $99.95, these readings are an incredible value in the Human Design community.

I'm doing this because I think Human Design is the most important tool there is for people to learn about themselves that has ever been made available. And I think that we will all benefit as more and more people understand themselves. I think we will all benefit as more and more people learn how to be confident and empower themselves to have their own lives.

People who want it deserve the opportunity to learn about themselves.
Ultimately we will all benefit from that.

I think people who really want to know about themselves should have an opportunity to access Human Design at an affordable price. A full personal reading is worth every penny and then some but I know that not everybody can afford it. At the low price Iím offering, anyone can get in touch with their design. You can free yourself from those strategies that donít work, that leave you feeling unsatisfied and discover the strategies that will actually work for you.

And I'm not stinting on this offer either. This Deep Explore reading will provide an explanation of your Type, Authority, Strategy, Profile and Definition. It includes an explanation of all of your defined and undefined centers, on each of your defined channels, on every activated and potential gate in your chart, and on every line in your chart. This information covers both conscious and unconscious behaviors. The reading includes the image of your personal bodygraph, an explanation of what the various components are and how the calculations are made and how the information about you is derived.

When I receive your order I will prepare the reading (typically within 2 days). I will then email you a notice that your reading is ready. In that email there will be a link to PayPal so you can easily pay for the reading. You don't even have to be a member of PayPal to use this service. When you make your payment to PayPal, they will notify me and I will email the reading to you.

Once you begin to apply this information in your life you will start to experience a
tremendously empowering transformation.


As a special bonus Iíll include absolutely free my publication "Living Circuitry" that will explain to you the Four Major Behaviors that are driving all human activity. This incredible publication explains how these 4 basic, powerful behavioral modules are driving all human activity. Understanding these 4 modules is a major step in understanding why people are the way they are and why they do what they do.

Money Back Guarantee

It's not a 30-day miracle (as you probably know, such things don't work) but as it did for me and for thousands of other people worldwide who have used it, Human Design will help you achieve personal freedom, happiness, and self confidence.

If so, Order here.

Didnít click? Whatís stopping you? I know whatís stopping you, the same thing that stopped me. Self doubt.

Youíre asking yourself things likeÖ

Will this system really work?

Will this system really work for me?

Should I trust this guy about what heís telling me?

I know all those questions and Iíve had to deal with them myself. The truth is that you can always live life in doubt - or you can sometimes try something different.

Right now itís your doubt thatís keeping you from moving forward. Itís the old you, the one that isnít satisfied, the one that doesnít have the self confidence to take charge and move ahead.

This doubt is exactly why most people donít take action, and this doubt is why most people stay stuck in their old, unsatisfying life. Change is risky. I know because Iíve been there. I know what itís like to be afraid that youíre going to spend money on something that wonít work.

Well, let me ease your mind.

Your Money-Back 30 day Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of a truly amazing system that will enrich and improve your life in many dimensions. I want the world to be a better place for all of us and this will help make it so.

So, your satisfaction is totally guaranteed or your money back.

You are receiving a minimum of 15 typed pages of information that applies to you as a unique and individual person, not some cookie cutter one-size-fits-all generic program. You are receiving YOUR OWN PERSONAL READING for the incredibly low cost of only $69.95. this really is a great value. And Iím including my free publication "Living Circuitry" that will explain to you the Four Major Behaviors that are driving all human activity.

Plus Iíve taken the time to write a "Living Your Design Guide" to help you understand how to make the most of your personal reading. Using this guide youíll really be able to sink your teeth into your program, and supercharge your transformation. No extra cost.

So, your personal Deep Explore Reading (a minimum of 15 typed pages all about you and your strategy), PLUS my publication "Living Circuitry", PLUS my "Living your Design Guide", all for the low price of $69.95.

AND itís completely guaranteed for 30 days.

But you must order right now.

Remember, this is the Internet. I can come back and change this website and this special low price for this guaranteed system any day, in only minutes.

Why take a chance?

Besides, the sooner you learn this system, the sooner you can begin the self transformation that will improve your entire life. Better health, sex, romance, happiness, or anything else you can imagine.

Are you ready?

Order right nowÖ

Go for it.

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