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About HDS History

A Brief History provides background on Ra Ur Hu, who brought HD into this world.
The Human Design System was given form by Ra Uru Hu. Born Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada April 9, 1948, the son of wealthy parents, he received a good education and went on to work as an entrepreneur, a magazine publisher, an advertising executive and media producer. He disappeared in 1983 and re-emerged as Ra on the Island of Ibiza.

According to Ra, while he was living on Ibiza, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, he was bombarded non-stop — for eight days and nights from January 3 to January 11, 1987 — with information about the reality of the human species by the "Voice" of some vast intelligence. The "Voice" referred to humans as Ďravesí and its unrelenting onslaught of information provided Ra with detailed and scientific knowledge of the mechanical nature of the universe and the foundation of Human Design.

Ra describes himself as a skeptic with a background in physics. He had no belief in things of a mystical bent and itís said he didnít even know his own astrological sign. He has often said that he resented the intrusion into his life of this "Voice". But the experience was so shocking and so profound that he was unable to simply set it aside and get back to his life.

The system that he put together based on that intense experience is known as the Human Design System, a unique personality mapping technique that blends Eastern and Western astrology, the Kabbalah, the Chinese I'Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, neutrinos and quantum physics.

Some of Raís first students came from a background in the mystical spiritualism of India and had been close followers of Osho (Sri Rajneesh), even living with him in the ashram in India. Their influence is sometimes seen in various interpretations of Human Design Ė particularly the spiritual aspect. Such an orientation is not, however, necessary to understand HD and benefit from itís far reaching knowledge.

Human Design requires no belief in anything. It is a logical system and Ra has always urged anyone who has a reading to approach it with skepticism and take the time to test and verify everything in the reading. "Experiment" and "Experience" are the two watchwords to follow when using the information in Human Design.

In April 2000, the first studies based on 30,000 cases proved that Human Design is indeed a valid, reliable construct. (Research study by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD and is available at Unified Life Sciences). Subsequent data is being collected to verify using Human Design analysis to enhance the healing potential of medical treatment and even prevent certain diseases.

For fifteen years Ra traveled the world giving readings and teaching thousands of students. He now lives in his home on Ibiza, and while he travels less he is still active and a guiding force in the HDS community.

Today there are thousands of people across the globe who are studying and living their own Human Design. Itís an extraordinary community of people who have deeply experienced the truth of HD. Of course, like any community, there are factions, rebels, family arguments, splinter groups and plenty of gossip. We are, after all, human beings. Love, support and individualism are all critical aspects to all human journeys.

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