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Human Design is Taking the New Age Community by Storm –
a brief history of Human Design
published in Feb 19, 2007

The Human Design System was revealed to Ra Uru Hu in 1987 while he was living on Ibiza, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. From January 3 to January 11, 1987 the world was bombarded with an unusually intense stream of neutrinos and the nature of human beings was revealed. A few people were particularly aware of the event and heard the "revelation of the voice". Ra was one of the few who heard, understood and survived.

Initially Ra was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to ignore and forget the entire experience, but was unable to do so. Over the next few years he found it his inescapable destiny to write down the entire system as it had been given to him by the "Voice". Then he had to travel the world for several years refining it and sharing it with others.

The result was the Human Design System, a unique and powerful system of knowledge. For the first time, the modern science of genetics was combined with ancient, mystical wisdom to provide a structure for understanding human life. The result was a unique personality mapping technique that blends Eastern and Western astrology, the Kabbalah, the Chinese I'Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, neutrinos, genetics and quantum physics.

In April 2000, the first studies based on 30,000 cases proved that Human Design is indeed a valid, reliable construct. (Research study by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD and is available at Unified Life Sciences). Subsequent data is being collected to verify using Human Design analysis to enhance the healing potential of medical treatment and even prevent certain diseases.

Unlike most systems HDS does not rely on the cult figure status of a leader. Ra makes few public appearance anymore and has never had a "following" as such. It is the system itself that is important. It very is straightforward and logical – therefore easy for anyone to test. It doesn’t require that you believe in anything and makes no judgements about anything.

The system has gained incredible momentum since the turn of the millenia and reached critical mass in 2005. There are now thousands of analysts, teachers, and students across the world. And it is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2002 there were only a handful of sites on the internet about the Human Design System– today there are over twenty thousand.

Why this incredible rate of growth? Because a Human Design reading is absolutely essential to understanding oneself in the more complex world of the 21st century. There’s absolutely no question that the world is much more complicated and complex than it was 10 years ago. And it’s growing more complex with every passing year. In the past people could take five, ten, even twenty years to explore themselves, to discover their own unique powers. In today’s competitive environment those who are armed with deep self knowledge and who have the power of being their true self have a tremendous advantage over those who don’t.

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